Annual report 2019-20

Involving and empowering our customers

100 involved customers
have been recruited.
Giving us a total of
883 involved customers
across the Group.
The customer-led scrutiny panel volunteered
327 hours
of their time to give feedback on our services.
Customer panel members volunteered
218 hours


“I know that we’re listened to. As customers, we can make a difference”


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Over 270 involved customers
regularly share their views to help us improve services
2,696 surveys
were carried out to get customers views on our services.
17 actions
were implemented from their recommendations...
three key projects

Providing opportunities for local people  

16 colleagues
were approved for professional qualifications.
One graduate
had a successful placement and went on to secure permanent employment.
6 new trade apprenticeships
were created in 2019/20.
2 colleagues
received external coaching

Focus on apprenticeships

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We received
152 compliments
We also received
175 complaints

163 resolved

at Stage 0

12 escalated

to Stage 1

11 resolved

at Stage 1

1 escalated

to Stage 2

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