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Annual Report 2018–19

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We spent £20.7 million building or acquiring 168 homes.

All homes were built to be affordable with 43 of them allocated for shared ownership.

Developments included 77 homes in Shropshire, 52 in Telford & Wrekin and 39 in South Staffordshire.

100% of customers said they were satisfied with their new-build home.

For every £1 we invested in the building of new homes, the social return for the local area was up to £8.54. This equated to a staggering £176 million last year.

Find out more about one of our latest developments here


The total value of rent collected over the last year was £56,853,080.

Rent arrears in Shropshire were 1.18% against target of 2.5%.

Rent arrears in Staffordshire were 1.72% against target of 2.5%.

Rent arrears of £805,110 were outstanding from current tenants.

Rent arrears of £404,898 were outstanding from former tenants.


Jan Goode

Director’s blog

Customer support

Our support helped customers secure £1,926,389 in additional income.

420 customers were supported by the employment and money advice team, helping them to reduce debt, maximise income and budget efficiently.

Our debt counselling service helped customers make savings totalling £71,888.

Customers’ savings included £20,227 in water bills and other utilities.

We helped 105 customers back into work, training, volunteering and education.

Access to the internet and over 3,000 customer support sessions were provided at our Digital Dens in Shropshire.

3,609 people attended our training programmes, including 1-2-1 support, job clubs and work placements.

22 people gained learning certificates through the Digital Dens and 176 achieved City & Guilds qualifications.

26 young people received life skills support through work with the Prince’s Trust and Wolverhampton College.

We helped 14 people secure employment.

We used National Lottery and European funding to help 186 people get into work, education, training or volunteering.

Discover why the BBC filmed a remarkable group of learners at one of our Digital Dens.

Read how a customer we helped with employment advice got a work experience bonus.


Scrutiny panel


Our finances

Income for 2018–19

Rent net of voids 51,262
Other social housing activities 5,590
Service charges 3,368
Non-social housing activities 1,556
Surplus on disposal of properties 1,410
Amortised grant income 685
Other income 92
Interest on balances 32
Surplus on disposal of other fixed assets 2
Total 63,997

Expenditure for 2018–19

Housing management 16,526
Interest paid 15,511
Impairment and depreciation (properties) 10,373
Planned repairs and maintenance 8,687
Other social housing activities 6,031
Routine repairs and maintenance 3,772
Decrease in valuation of investment properties 516
Non-social housing activities 354
Bad debts 209
Total 61,979

Customer involvement

42 customers have been recruited to give regular feedback through our Let’s Talk work.

The customer-led scrutiny panel volunteered 252 hours of their time to give feedback on our services.

2,549 surveys were carried out to get customers’ views on our services.

Read how giving customers a voice is transforming our services



907 new tenancy agreements were signed.

94.3% of tenants sustained their tenancy for more than 12 months.

817 empty properties were returned to a lettable standard.

Find out how we helped a desperate family move into a new home.


Louise Wagstaff

Director’s blog

Customer services

We answered 142,467 calls from our customers.

75% of queries were resolved in a single contact.

88% of customers were satisfied with the service provided at our call centre.

9,380 customers visited our reception in Shrewsbury.

88% of customers found our communications easy to understand. Find out more about this survey.


Retirement living


Our people

We employ 668 people.

Our colleagues completed over 12,000 hours of training.

We raised £1,136 for Mind, the mental health charity.

Watch one of our new recruitment films here.

Discover how we celebrated bringing more apprentices into the business here.

Read how housing services manager, Samantha Allcott was featured in 24Housing’s top 40 over 40.

Read how one colleague helped train a guide dog by bringing her into work.

Read more about our executive team

Find out more about our board

Retirement living

We have 35 retirement living communities.

1,633 people live in our retirement living communities.

92% of customers said they are happy with our retirement living communities.

We invested nearly £2 million into our retirement living communities.

For every pound invested into retirement living, the social benefits add up to £11.01. This means an amazing £22 million during the year.

Benefits have included over 7,000 well-being activities; comprising bingo, lunch clubs, coffee mornings and exercise classes that were organised in our retirement living communities and extra care schemes.

58,416 people attended our well being activities.

We helped 791 customers maintain their independence in Shropshire through our support service.

Read how we were given the go-ahead for pioneering retirement apartments in Kinver.

Discover how residents in Essington were delighted by visiting alpacas.

Care Plus

Domiciliary care

The number of care hours we delivered increased from 62,366 to 135,621.

100% of customers were happy with the care and support we provide.

We provided around 2,700 hours of domiciliary care every week.

Find out how Shropshire HomeLife became part of Care Plus.

Discover how we deliver care on two wheels.

Care Plus

Les Clarke

Director’s blog

Responsive repairs

We spent over £21 million repairing, improving and maintaining homes.

We completed over 25,182 repairs.

More than 4,400 emergency repairs were carried out.

Property Plus

Triage team


Our future

Housing Plus Group and Stafford and Rural Homes are to merge, creating an influential housing, care and property group for Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The combined group — including Severnside Housing and South Staffordshire Housing Association — will own and manage around 18,000 homes. Providing employment, training and apprenticeships for 800 local people, the group will have an annual turnover of almost £100m.

The new merged group will launch on 1 October 2019.

Read our press release for more information

Planned maintenance

372 new kitchens were fitted.

631 new bathrooms were installed.

We spent £4.4 million improving kitchens and bathrooms.

63 homes were rewired.

694 new boilers were installed.

504 new doors were hung.

70 new wet rooms were installed.

We carried out 12,996 safety checks including electrical, gas servicing and fire risk assessments.

Property Plus


93% of customers were happy with the repair service they received.

94.9% of responsive repairs were completed within target.

99% of customers were happy with our MOT scheme - planned maintenance which takes place a neighbourhood at a time.

Property Plus

Stephen Collins

Director’s blog

Severn Homes

Severn Homes operates as a commercial company within the Group, providing homes for outright sale. The brand is also used to market our quality, affordable shared ownership and market rent properties.

It enables us to respond to housing need and the aspirations of our customers with revenue received from the sale of homes, along with the income from the market rent properties, helping to subsidise the provision of more affordable housing.

The Severn Homes brand was also used to help secure land in Perton, Staffordshire for the building of 220 new homes.

Please click on the next square to watch a film about this exciting development.



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